Movement in Labour- Rotate to Dilate


Moving in certain ways during labour is extremely effective in keeping the cervix dilating and speeding up labour and that is why we practice lots of active labour movements in prenatal yoga classes.

When circling the hips you are moving with the wave of the contraction rather than against it, encouraging optimal positioning of baby and opening of pelvis so baby can move more easily down the birth canal. Pain and contractions in labour have a purpose and movement helps us reduce the pain and work with the contractions.   When we tense up we risk stalling labour. Movement helps the labouring woman open and soften her cervix, stay calm and release lots of oxytocin, the body’s own natural love drug. The movements are soothing for the nervous system and are introverting taking a pregnant woman deep inside herself.

The following  is an inspiring 4 minute video showing how movement helps in labour – click here. Remember you never have to be on the bed. If your baby needs to be monitored you can request to be on and exercise ball and still be hooked up to a monitor, so you can keep moving.