Yin Yoga

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Yin yoga penetrates deep into the body’s connective tissues, (fascia, joints and ligaments). This encourages flexibility,  invigorates energetic pathways (meridians), releases blockages and increases energy flow. This class focuses on held postures, breath work (pranayama) and meditation to create a profoundly deep practice. Yin yoga may help reduce inflammation in the body and improve overall flexibility. Poses are held for several minutes allowing the body to open at its natural pace.

Mondays 11.15am-12.15pm

  • $210 for term (10 classes)
  • $27.00 casual

Runs in School Terms -2024 Terms – February 4 to April 13;   April 29 to July 7;   July 22 to September 29;   October 14  to December 22.

Before Booking please read our Covid 19 Policy.