Yoga Teacher Training

Kids YogaKids Yoga Teacher Training

Tuesday April 11 2017 – Primary 1 – Yoga for 5-8 year olds  Course Suitable for School Teachers, Yoga Teachers and Parents

  •     To empower school teachers, yoga teachers and parents to understand how the tools of yoga can be used in the growth, development, strength and flexibility of children in mind body and spirit. 
  •     To help kids build resilience and positive self-image.
  •     To provide kids with life-skills that will help them deal with stress, anxiety, anger and fear.
  •     To encourage movement and creativity in both teacher and children.

Hours 9.00am -5.30am

Cost – Introductory Special $100 plus GST = $110 (Note – This is half price)

Pick and choose to do just one or all of the following.  Doing all 5 will give Yoga Teachers 50 hours Kids Yoga Teacher Training. 

Sunday May 21 – Primary 2 – Yoga Teacher Training for 9-12 year Olds

Sunday July 2 – Yoga Teacher Training for High School Students

Sunday July 23 – Yoga Teacher Training for Pre-Schoolers ages 3-5

Sunday August 20 – Kids Yoga Class Planning and Assessments