Testimonials – Active Birth Workshop

‘We are very happy with how the labour went and definitely benefited from what we learnt in both the active birth workshop and prenatal yoga. The active labour class was very valuable for my husband as he really was a fantastic support during the labour and without having done the class he wouldn’t have been so confident and comfortable in knowing what to do to support me. I don’t think I would have been able to have the great pregnancy and birth experience I had without my time at Glenbrook Yoga.’ Karina

‘It was great having been to your course. I was able to remind myself of the importance of my breath and make it my focus during contractions as I was on my own going through stage two of labour.  The most helpful was to lean on the wall and circle my hips in the early stages then later to lean over a chair and repeat ‘RE-LAX’ with my breath. To be honest I couldn’t think to do anything else but you gave me the tools, so thank you.’ Anna

‘From a mans perspective, I now understand so much better my role in supporting my partner. For every man in this day and age I think this is a “must do” to understand your role in supporting your partner through giving birth’ Jake

‘The course was highly effective in birth preparation and provided easy, tangible tools for enjoying labour’ Claire

‘Lots of natural solutions and ideas to meet the demands of a drug-free natural labour. My partner and I felt closer to each other and the baby afterwards. We are now equipped with some ideas to practice at home to meet the demands of child birth.’ Joe

‘What a great way to learn alternative, natural and side effect free strategies for bringing baby into the world. Everything I ever wanted!’ Asha

‘The workshop exceeded my expectations. As a mother who previously experienced labour and didn’t have the best experience, I will be able to use these techniques and my partner will be able to assist in labour with a more hand on approach.’ Demi

‘Loads of Information not made available previously in our pre-natal classes was well discussed with lots of positive feedback. Great atmosphere with everyone participating and having a good time’ Jake

‘The course was not prescriptive to one particular birth philosophy – lots of techniques that will be useful no matter how the birth goes.’ Amelia

‘Not really knowing what to do to help, this has given me the tools to assist and feel more confident to help. I think this is a valuable session for a new father – to be able to assist and support their partner’ Jon

‘The workshop has helped myself and my partner feel more prepared for birth.  Visualisations and the breathing  techniques were wonderful. Massage and the oxytocin touch was heavenly.’ Sarah

‘Most helpful were the examples of how I could help support my partner at different stages. Practising these helped me to understand which were the most effective.’ Daniel

‘Although I have been through labour twice already I feel this workshop has me better prepared for my third time around. I feel much more confident and ready.’ Kate

‘Course was practical and straight forward. Rebecca is a really relaxed and encouraging teacher. The tools were easy to practice and encourage more confidence’ Xavier

‘I’m so glad I took this class. It has taken away the fear associated with child birth away. Thank you.’ Kate