Prenatal Baby Bonding Relaxation – Calmness You Deserve


How important is relaxation during pregnancy?   When we practice relaxation in yoga we are building a neural pathway so that it can become second nature to relax throughout our busy and highly stressful lives and most importantly during labour.  

Pregnancy is a special and precious time in a woman’s life, however, many changes occur, which may cause a pregnant woman to feel exhausted and depleted physically, mentally and emotionally. The physical effort of building a baby is something we largely ignore but all systems of your body are working extra hard.   Your body is also changing and you may experience, nausea and aches and pains as you continue to do everything you did before becoming pregnant as well as working hard to get everything done prior to baby coming- renovating, baby showers, maybe moving house – so much to do! Perhaps also looking after another child/children.   Many women experience insomnia during pregnancy with night time trips to the toilet and perhaps waking feeling uncomfortable.   You may also feel anxious about the birth itself, especially if it’s your first child.

Women are strong so this is all ok, but we are also hard on ourselves when it comes to taking time out to relax   Regular relaxation practice leading up to the birth (I recommend daily in the last 6 weeks) will balance you mentally and emotionally, release deep tension you may not even be aware of so that you will feel rested and calm at the time of birth. Your baby will benefit too from the lovely calming hormones you will produce. So give yourself permission to relax with this guided baby bonding relaxation.

Namaste Suzanne