Meditation Blue Mountains

Meditation helps us to learn more about ourselves and to develop personally. Regular practice leads to greater self-control and self-confidence.

This in turn leads to feelings of well-being and happiness. We come to understand that what is happening in our lives is not as important as our reaction to it. We learn to turn inward and become a witness to our reactions. This is a powerful tool for life.  6 week course commencing Monday March 4   6-7pm.  Cost $130.  Private sessions either via Skype or in person $88 per hour.

Suzanne Ellis has been teaching meditation for almost 10 years.  This course is based on Irest Yoga Nidra.  This is a well-researched method of meditation suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to meditate through to those suffering from anxiety, PTSD or similar.  More information on this meditation method here

Meditation Blue Mountains Penrith

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